Ecar and diesel car undertake cross-border drive from Larne to Cork

Earlier today (9th May) ESB ecars undertook a driving comparison between an electric vehicle and a conventional diesel car on an almost 500 km cross-border drive from Larne, Co. Antrim to Cork City. Both vehicles will follow the same route, allowing for real time comparisons to be made in terms of fuel cost savings, environmental savings and journey duration.

Two ESB staff members will be in the driving seats to undertake the journey, each leaving Larne at 7am, and driving through 10 counties before arriving at their final destination in Cork city.

Dermot McArdle, Head of ESB ecars said: “This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of electric vehicles, and show that they can not only be used for short commutes or city driving, but also for longer journeys, with significantly lower costs and lower CO2 emissions.”

He added: “Our aim is to show that an electric vehicle can do everything a conventional vehicle can do – while saving you money, and being easier on the environment.”

  • An all-island north to south journey of almost 500 kms
  • Ecar to emit zero CO2 emissions throughout the journey
  • Significant fuel cost savings to be achieved by the ecar

The driver of the 100% electric Nissan LEAF will use the network of fast charge points located both north and south of the border to recharge the ecar along the route. The diesel car will travel the same route and stop to refuel as needed.

This journey should demonstrate the very significant fuel costs to be made by driving an ecar as well as demonstrate the capabilities of EVs. In addition, the ecar will emit zero CO2 emissions throughout the journey as compared to an estimated 72 kilograms in the diesel car.

You can follow the ESB drivers – Conor Cooney and Patrick Kirby – on their journey on or #ecars #LarnetoCork

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