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EC Charging also offers a full range of services from installation to maintenance to offering a PAYG network.


EC Charging offers a flexible package from delivery only to a complete turn key solution including:

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Our comprehensive after sales maintenance package gives our clients peace of mind that their stations are being monitored and maintained to the highest standards ensuring each a lengthy and issue free life.


All of our electric car charging stations are OCPP compliant and are currently communicating with our own in house reporting system and all other compatible back office systems.

We offer our customers the freedom to choose whichever back end support they desire. Communication between the charge point and the back-end system will be conducted over GSM/GPRS or LAN.
The PAYG network allows all EV drivers, all charge point owners and network operators, and all charge point manufacturers to access the network on line.

Our back office support and PAYG service includes:

  1. Making the charge points visible to and accessible by all electric vehicle drivers.
  2. Enabling you to set the tariff for each charge point on the network.
  3. Collecting revenue from the charge point on your behalf.
  4. First line support through our fault and maintenance helpline.
  5. Advertising on the charge point map.
  6. Access to usage data, status report and energy consumption.


For further information or to discuss your project specific needs, please contact us on +353 (0) 1 460 4358 or contact us by email.